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Once in a blue wolf

Hello, again

Posted on 2014.05.10 at 11:19
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It's been...two years? Wow, FB has really superseded LJ in my posts. But my LJ has always been more political and introspective. So, gathering notes for my Great American Novel. Trying to decide if I should start in the future and work back (90% sold on that) or chronologically and jump to the future.  Jonathan Swift's is a heavy mantle to attempt to pick up, but I'm willing to give it a go. There is so much pomposity that needs to be deflated. So much arrogance, so many entitled neo-aristocrats whose droit du seigneur is being a bigoted prick, so many judgmental wankers too quick to accuse others of being sexist-racist-homophobic, so many authoritarian closet cases (who call themselves Greens, Democrats, activists and other flags of convenience), so much that's gone wrong, and so much more that will. Perhaps I can shout some sense. To some. Enough to many? Enough to nudge us away from a looming collapse? 

Once in a blue wolf

for realz

Posted on 2012.09.02 at 08:40

Friday night, met a racist asshole.  Drunk, conceded, but still a dick. When you come to my table and immediately ask "who's the homo throwing the dice" it kinda telegraphs your character. When the (Indian?) next guy threw he seven'ed out quickly as well. Racist asshole made a comment about terrorists wanting/trying to blow us all up. The Asian couple went next, lost; followed by a comment about real Americans. The guy unfortunate enough to call this jerk his friend went next, had a good roll, which got the jerk to say about how in America we cheer when we win. (maybe it was something you said?)


My supervisor stepped in and got him to chill with his comments. I was embarrassed that someone would act like that.  It's ugly and petty when it's real, actual, unmistakable  racism. As opposed to the STFU, asinine inferences commonly made by folks who'd rather poison the well than defend their positions with an honest debate.


Points to the friend who tried to calm him down by asking him to pick on a little guy this time.  Of course, maybe he's tired of having his buddy's back when someone takes offense. Part of me is hoping the jerk speaks his mind to the wrong person--or better yet, the wrong group-and his buddies say 'right behind you' as he sallies forth, alone.

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Once in a blue wolf

Adventures in dentistry

Posted on 2012.01.18 at 11:11
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Number 3 had given me problems for years.  What I thought was a migraine. A gum boil.  Pain when biting down. Pain when trying to open my jaw. A secondary infection that made me worry about another tooth. And finally an extraction. It didn't go quietly, though. My DMD had to do a surgical extraction instead of a simple one. Couldn't be saved, could barely be pulled! It was cracked across and down on three sides right down to the pulp; so when he tried to lift it out it shattered.  Sometime in March I'll be getting a Maryland bridge to fill the gap.  Really didn't want to have the adjacent teeth ground down and capped with the pontic in between like the more radical solutions entail.

If I save up, luck into more money, or get a better paying job or a dental plan that covers implants I'll go with that instead or maybe later. The Maryland bridge leaves me  that as an option. 

Wonder if that URI  in April was caused by the bacteria in the former tooth? Or the recent chronic sore throats and descent into bass ranges? Well, hope I don't have to endure another extraction like that one.  Bitch of it is I've been seeing a dentist these past few.  Been through a root canal on the lower jaw on what I think was the tooth that lost an old filling. Found that out the day I drank some cold OJ. (Owie.)

So now it's all just waiting to heal.  God, I miss hot coffee.

Once in a blue wolf

"We're an autonomous collective!"

Posted on 2011.11.06 at 20:32
Occupy wherever has been squat-protesting since mid-September and if they'd only camped out for a week they might have done less damage to their cause, however they eventually decide it should officially be defined.  But going on two months now and even a mostly sympathetic media can't hide all the dirt: the rapes, the vandalism,  the creepy duckspeak of the human microphone, the unsanitary living conditions, the ironic class distinctions between them and bona-fide street people,  the rioting, and  the unsavory (to the majority of Americans) camp followers.

Not to mention the damn fool democrats who link themselves to it by the folly of approval or public appearance.  Cabaret has a beautiful, chilling scene in a beer garden when the Aryan poster boy sings "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" and almost everyone joins in. As they're leaving, the Brit asks his German friend/lover, "Still think you can control them?" Well, maybe the dems think they can use them.  The "them" think the revolution has come and they're going to overthrow the system. Putzes.

I've read some opinions that it's a good thing the left shows its true colors and better still that they continue until  November, 2012.  Others that participation in this will likely be an eye-opener for a lot of them.  Possibly.  At the least, I don't see a majority of Americans (bullshit claims of 99% notwithstanding) buying into this. 

Once in a blue wolf


Posted on 2011.10.10 at 18:31

Colonoscopy today. It's good that they knock you out for it, otherwise how would you be relaxed enough for something that invasive. 'Course some folks might like it.
The worst part? The prepping. They have you drink this salty, sweet, cloying-gagging concoction with a slightly citrus flavor. The citrus doesn't help. At all.
Glad it's done and looks good so far.
This vacation has been given over to appointments: dentist, that dentist's referral to another ( a md/dds who specializes on root canals), and the endoscope doc.
Finishing touches on the root canal on the 12th. More joy.
I'll find some time yet to give the lawn a last mowing and get to a few more to dos.

Once in a blue wolf

Bring on the suck!

Posted on 2011.08.22 at 02:04
Had a plan this afternoon: gas, then Best Buy, get an SD, stop in WalMart or Target for some groceries. Didn't quite work out that way. Car made a reluctant start. I'd hoped to recharge it when I got gas. Another hard start so I came home and tested it. Dead. Might be enough juice to get it going in the morning. New plan! Car repair, maybe some groceries on the way home from that.

Once in a blue wolf

Weight update

Posted on 2011.08.13 at 04:05
Down 'bout 24 lbs since May.  So far, no one has noticed or commented.  Not doing it for them, so, eh. 

Once in a blue wolf


Posted on 2011.08.13 at 03:59
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Not sure what bothers me most about that phone commercial. Can't find a link so here goes: two Indian guys gloating over snaring (literally) a customer. The victim is a pudgy could be white guy / might be another Indian guy in really bad make up and fat suit. There's gloating after the trap is sprung.  It's stupid; but I've yet to hear any group take the company to task over it.  Racist? Not sure. Everyone in it is unsympathetic, and that term is almost meaningless from overuse.

I  have a tracfone, myself, just in case. Never use up all the minutes.  So the argument they're making about costs and contracts is moot. For me. 

Maybe it's the creepiness of the fat suit guy.  Or the gloating of the other two. Or I've seen the thing too many times.

Once in a blue wolf

Crap luck

Posted on 2011.07.13 at 06:05
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Alternator died on me. Got to work on Monday night with the voltage and abs lights on. When I tried to restart it after parking I got a clicking sound and every damn idiot light came on. Almost got home next morning. She died .2 mile from the house. Not a good feeling, dead sticking in the dark with brakes and steering a bit sluggish. Anyway; called AAA and got towed to Firestone where I waited 2& 1/2 hrs till they opened. Not much sleep because of all that. So. Called out last night. Sort of medical, yanno? Brain dead from sleep deprivation. Not a craps frame of mind. Back to work tonight. Need to pay that repair bill.

Once in a blue wolf

Losing it

Posted on 2011.06.22 at 17:32

One month, fifteen pounds. Two inches off my waist. Noticing my biceps and thighs are firmer. Not sure if that's due to subcutaneous fat loss or interstitial. Welcome, either way.
Why now? Had a nasty urinary tract infection and that affected my mood and appetite. I noticed a weight loss when I cut food intake down to one big meal and a few hunger easing snacks.
Worked so far but I know my body will eventually plateau and I'll need to exercise. And juggle my time management.
But right now I feel good about looking in the mirror and not seeing any new ( ugly purple worm like) stretch marks.

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